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How the Firefly Agent Came To Be
The first appearance of this Firefly was at the late seventies and was written by Jerry Taylor. The pilot for the series had been Tim Matheson and the show was later renamed as"Serenity". The show was cancelled before it got to the next season.

In the third season of this show, the set of Fireflies had a reunion and decided to have a big party at a planet named Pandora. They made a deal with the world they would help them whenever they gave them five million credits, then they would be the only ones allowed to use the world‘s weapons. But when they arrived in the planet, they understood they could utilize the weapons, but they didn‘t want to risk anybody being hurt. They found the fifth and last member of the crew named Simon, who had been a member of the United States Navy at the time.

Once Simon became a part of this crew, he did not take part in any conflicts. He stayed on Earth because he had other jobs that he needed to do. Simon took care of his responsibilities because he felt what he was doing. He believed that when the mission was done, everything will be OK and the Fireflies would make it from the planet. In addition, he believed in the United States and its leadership.

When the show was cancelled, the Fireflies chose to turn into a band of warriors, and the name was changed to the"Firefly Nation". As time went on, they did not struggle against humans as much and became very faithful to their planet. After the third season, the team decided to go on a mission to the planet of Serenity. They traveled there at a boat and ended up crashing in an asteroid field, and they learned that they were stranded on a planet called Serenity.

The Fireflies learned that the reason they had been stranded was because they had not assisted the people of Serenity. They made a deal with a guy named Arthur West, who had been the chief of a tribe called the natives of Eden, to rescue the humans in the Wolves of Eden. The Fireflies did not expect to fight the Wolves of Eden, but they ended up battling them instead.

The third and last episode of the show featured the last confrontation involving the Fireflies and the natives of Eden. The Fireflies took charge of the entire planet and announced war against the Wolves. Finally the Fireflies was able to kill all of the Wolves of Eden and Simon murdered the chief of the natives of Eden with a sword.
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